Gigabyte focuses on lower power consumption, not speed, with its new AORUS Gen4 5000E SSDs. With 5,000MB/s read speeds, the SSD isn’t the fastest PCIe 4.0 SSD we’ve seen, but it should be around 30 percent more efficient.

Compared to Gigabyte’s other SSDs, this looks pretty accurate too. The ‘standard’ AORUS Gen4 SSD (1TB) consumes an average of 6.6 watts for read and 6.4 watts for write. The new 5000E version (1 TB) is just under 30 percent: 4.2 watts (read) and 4.3 watts (write).

Gigabytes AORUS Gen4 5000E SSD.

Also, the 5000E is pretty standard: it comes in 500GB and 1TB versions, has the well-known 2280 format, 3d nand-flash memory, and hence a read speed of 5,000MB/s. The 500GB variant writes slightly slower: 3,800MB/s compared to the 1TB version’s 4,600MB/s. With a consumption of 4.0 watts (when reading and writing), it is slightly more economical.

It is still unknown when Gigabyte’s AORUS Gen4 5000E SSDs will arrive in stores and what the price will be. The less affordable 1TB variant of the AORUS Gen 4 now costs around 130 Euros.

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Source: Hardware Info


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